Josephine lives by herself nearby, in a run-down ground-floor flat in Achrafieh which is in the worst possible condition: no water, no electricity, no heat, no window-panes, and the unpleasant smell of the filthy apartment greets your senses before you even step inside....

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Widow and mother of 5 kids, R. Fneich is living in a house that doesn't meet the basic criteria for her children and herself; from hygiene to basic necessities:

- Absence of beds to sleep,

- Non-Functional Fridge, Oven and Stove

- Broken Sink and Toilet that are detached from the pipes


The house rent hasn't been paid over the past 5 years and she suffers from Back Pain but can't afford a proper consultation or even the necessary treatment.

R. Fneich is currently unemployed, looking for a job that can be done from home so she can look after her kids.


Here's how you can help us change R. Family's condition:

- You are or know an Orthopedist willing to give a free consultation

- Donate for a medical consultation

- In-kind donation: 4 Beds and Mattresses, Sheets, Blankets, Pillows

- Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation including: Fridge, Stove, Oven, Kitchen cabinets, Toilet, toilet seat and Sink


- Financial donations to cover: - 5 years of unpaid house rent (total of 2,500,000 LL)

- Minimarket debt (total of 1,000,000 LL)


- Job offers (sewing) for the mother.


How to Donate:

Donate Online

- By bank wire to a Bassma account to the bank that is most convenient to you: See list of bank accounts

or contact us: 01-393077


Thank you!

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House Renovation project - Tabet Family, Karantina
30. May 2014

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It's a family of five: a father, a mother, two teenage girls, and a boy.
The father works as a fisherman, the mother suffers from diabetes and obesity. The children go to public schools.


The family's rundown house is located on the sea side of Karantina's maritime road. It is built with low-price materials, and is threatening to collapse at any time.


The house is composed of the following:
- A tiny living room under street level, which allows for dust and garbage to be thrown at the windows.
- A deprived kitchen with a sink and counter that are so old they could crumble at any point.
- A cabinet toilet without a door, and without even shower, a sink or a water heater.
- A bedroom for 5, with beds that are all broken and very high humidity that causes health problems.


The rooftop is made of broken "eternit" that infiltrates water and mud during the winter season.

The multi-level floor is made from cement, and puddles of water are formed all around the house when it rains.
The wall painting is falling apart, all windows have no glasses, and the main door is cracked.
Electric cables are pending everywhere in the house, and spark off whenever rain comes in.


Moreover, the house is filled with insects and rats.

The insalubrities of the place present a serious health and security danger for the whole family.

Because of the living conditions, the children are often getting ill, missing school and feeling too tired to play. They lack space to study and don't have the luxury of any privacy.


This house is next to the battery factories of Karantina, only a few meters away from the sea.
Providing better living conditions for this family can transform their life.



BASSMA has taken on the task to renovate, repair and refurbish this run-down house.


- Entire House:

Throwing out all the old furniture, cleaning, pesticides, and fixing a high quality rooftop tarpaulin with a lifetime guarantee.


- Kitchen:

Plumbing, electrical installation, floor tiles, walls painting, sink, closets, towels, dinner table with 4 chairs, gas stove, fridge, washing machine, lighting items, kitchenware, floor carpet, Tupperware, garbage basket, cleaning products and materials.


- Toilet:

Plumbing, water heater, electrical installation, floor tiles, walls painting, sink, accordion door, new toilet cabinet, washbasin, shower head, toilet accessorize and toiletry, towels & floor carpets, sanitary items (soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpastes, wipes, etc.)


- Bedroom for mom & girls:

Electrical installation, floor tiles, walls painting, 1 bunk bed, 1 regular bed, 3 mattresses, bedding & Bed linen for 3 beds, 2 big closets, 2 bedside tables, 2 desks & 2 chairs, 1 sofa, carpet, lighting items, frames, mirror, new clothes.


- Bedroom for boy:

Electrical installation, floor tiles, walls painting, aluminum and window, curtains, 1 sofa bed, carpet, painting, 1 closet, lighting items, bedside table, decorative items, new clothes.


- Living room:

Electrical installation, floor tiles, walls and main door painting, 2 sofa beds (for the dad), 2 sofas, 1 big closet, 2 tables, aluminum and window, curtains, carpet, lighting items, decorative items, frames.




Thank you Berger Paints Lebanon or all the painting materials and workers!

Thank you Cookers for the Sanitary products and floor tiles!

Thank you GEAHCHAN Bath & Kitchen for all the sanitary materials for the toilet and kitchen!

Thank you Sukleen for all the material donations (sand & ciment), Rooftarpaulin cover, pesticides, trucks, floor tiles, water heater, as well as volunteers' involvement!

Thank you Logicom Distribution and Credit Financier Invest - Trade | With | Confidence for the generous financial donation!

Thank you TECMAN for the plumbing/electrical materials, floor tiles, sand and ciment!

Thank you Technoshade for the curtains!

Thank you to all the stores and companies who participated through reduced prices, as Galerie Versaille For Furniture , Cegetex, AraVanlian, and Albert Abi-Nakhle Carpentry.


Also, a big thank you to all the private donors and individuals, thanks to whom, BASSMA was able to radically change the living conditions of a fisherman and his family!

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