It is a family of five: a 14-year-old boy, a 12-year-old boy, a 6-year-old girl, a mother who is under psychiatric treatment and the father who is suffering from a very rare illness and is unable to work...

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A 65-year old dad E. Irani is suffering from a severe pulmonary disease.

He needs a "BIPAP ST" that provides oxygen 24 hours at home. 
To rent the machine, the family need 100$/ month.
(knowing that the cost of the machine is 5,000$)


His 9-year old son goes to a boarding school (pensionat) and suffers a lot from this situation. Despite her numerous health problems, his wife is struggling daily, working night and day, to be able to pay all life expenses.


She is a strong woman indeed, but cannot afford all the extra medical fees of the current situation of her husband (hospital fees, mask of BIPAP machine, mask, medicines, etc.), in addition to the medical debts accumulated of 1,200$.




For your donations, you can proceed online on Bassma’s website or call Bassma for more details at 01-393077.

World Family Month
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Happy Mother's Day!
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19 Mar 2019
Rita's dreams came true!
18. Jul 2013

(News & Events)


The suffering of Rita (16 years old), whose cystic fibrosis recently took a turn for the worse, (read Rita's story) left a mark on many of BASSMA's friends and members. After a long, enduring stay at the hospital, Rita has thankfully been regaining her health and has shown remarkable strength and courage.


To celebrate, BASSMA arranged to make a few of her dreams come true.


Since one of Rita's dreams was to have a cell phone, BASSMA contacted "Joe Cell" (Achrafieh), whose owner generously offered Rita the new LG phone, as well as his time to sit down with her and explain how to use her brand new phone. As if this wasn't enough, he then offered her a pink phone cover, of her favorite color and finally, two lovely bouquets of flowers! Rita, her sister and mother were overwhelmed with joy!


To get the most out of this brand new cell phone, BASSMA offered Rita year-round coverage of all charges!


Rita's biggest dream is to become a news anchor and what better way than to experience becoming one? BASSMA wanted Rita to fully engross herself in her dream and so took her to the MTV news reporting section at KidzMondo to get an experience unlike any other. Rita and her sister first sat down to get their hair, nails and make-up done at the institute. With the finishing touches voluntarily completed by BASSMA's president, the two girls were finally ready for their big moment at the news studio, and what a delight it was to see them both looking their very best! The beautifully done hair and make-up were only a reflection of the beauty found within Rita and her sister as they transformed into young, beautiful women ready to conquer the world! Their spirits were renewed and this joy was radiating throughout the day.



Rita and her sister were welcomed by the warm crew members of the MTV studio, who proceeded to direct them to their seats behind a desk. After a test-run with the teleprompter, the two girls then gave their best shot at delivering news like pros. With sparkling eyes, Rita delivered her news report, and it was evident to all that she was living out a dream that could become a reality one day. All those around her seemed to be living it out with her as well and cheered her on! The emotions that came out that day were astounding and one could notice how much joy and happiness were being brought to Rita, who was now viewing the world with a lot more hope.



It would be difficult to capture the essence of the rest of the day, but so many other experiences at KidzMondo brought joy to the two girls, who marveled at all the activities and sights. From the plane activity to the runway where they sported new clothes and wigs, fun was at every corner, along with many memories to capture. Among them, two photos that depicted them on the plane were blown to large sizes for them to keep as precious keepsakes. A hearty lunch was also enjoyed with their mother and BASSMA's president as they recalled the day's events.


All this would not have been possible without KidzMondo's incredibly warm staff as well as MTV's crew! Many thanks are for their time and energy helping BASSMA make a dream come true!


After the amazing day spent at KidzMondo, BASSMA wanted Rita to meet a couple of her idols, one being a news anchor herself. May Chidiac, who also displays the same courage in her daily life that Rita has been exhibiting, has always been one of the young teenager's role models. Rita, Maria and their mom met May Chidiac, in the presence of BASSMA's president, over for lunch at Zeitunay Bay during which May Chidiac gave the family a great lesson of strength, perseverance and courage, saying that problems should be a motivation to go further instead of being a cause for drowning. Fighting, she emphasized, is what life is all about



BASSMA has also set up a meeting between Rita and Lebanese singer, actress and model, Cyrine Abdelnour, with Rita being one of her most fervent fans. However, at the moment, since Cyrine is currently in Egypt, she and Rita will be communicating through Skype until Cyrine's return to Lebanon in few weeks.


The two girls continuously marveled at the wonderful experiences they lived through and could not stop recounting their week with others. Their lives seemed to have been suddenly transformed into a whirlwind of possibilities. What a journey it was for them to remember, all the while smiling and forgetting the suffering they endured just a few weeks past.


Few days after the dream week, the two sisters' health deteriorated quickly and they have returned to the hospital where they still are now ...



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