Today, a 65-years old lady, Samira, came to BASSMA's office in tears, helpless and confused...Abandoned by the society, and by her children, she lives alone with her hemiplegic husband...
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Widow and mother of 5 kids, R. Fneich is living in a house that doesn't meet the basic criteria for her children and herself; from hygiene to basic necessities:

- Absence of beds to sleep,

- Non-Functional Fridge, Oven and Stove

- Broken Sink and Toilet that are detached from the pipes


The house rent hasn't been paid over the past 5 years and she suffers from Back Pain but can't afford a proper consultation or even the necessary treatment.

R. Fneich is currently unemployed, looking for a job that can be done from home so she can look after her kids.


Here's how you can help us change R. Family's condition:

- You are or know an Orthopedist willing to give a free consultation

- Donate for a medical consultation

- In-kind donation: 4 Beds and Mattresses, Sheets, Blankets, Pillows

- Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation including: Fridge, Stove, Oven, Kitchen cabinets, Toilet, toilet seat and Sink


- Financial donations to cover: - 5 years of unpaid house rent (total of 2,500,000 LL)

- Minimarket debt (total of 1,000,000 LL)


- Job offers (sewing) for the mother.


How to Donate:

Donate Online

- By bank wire to a Bassma account to the bank that is most convenient to you: See list of bank accounts

or contact us: 01-393077


Thank you!

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Christmas Lunch 2011
18. Dec 2011

(News & Events)


This year, and for the 10th consecutive year, BASSMA organized its Traditional Christmas Lunch for the most deprived families so they can share Christmas JOY on a day that will remain engraved in their hearts for a long, long period of time…

BASSMA’s Christmas lunch took place on Sunday, December 18, 2011, in Badaro and more than 200 people attended the event to celebrate Christmas around a delicious Christmas meal, in an atmosphere full of laughter and happiness.
Smiles that had been erased for a long time by life’s misery appeared again on the sad faces as our lovely guests were singing, dancing, cheering and laughing all together.


This event is unique in term of emotions and giving……

At the end of the ceremony, gifts were distributed to all the guests according to their own “wish-list”: they all received the gifts they have always dreamed of…
(You can find here below the list of the all the gifts that has been gathered thanks to your generosity and that have been offered to BASSMA’s family member).

We owe the success of this lunch to all who contributed to the event:
- All the people who participated in BASSMA’s Gift Matching Program “Make a Christmas Wish come True”!
- Socrates Catering for offering the rost beaf and vegetables for 100 people
-  Mrs Tawile for offering the "kharouf Mehchi" for 100 people
-  IC students for offering the pastas, salads and many cakes, and also for their participation and support in the event!
-  Mrs Rami and Mrs El Khazen for offering 5 Christmas cakes
- CHORALINO choir for the wonderful Christmas concert and beautiful songs!
- "Cotillons Al Arz" for offering the cotillions
- College Notre-Dame de Jamhour Scouts for their support in the event
- IB2, IPN, OMD, and Audi-Saradar Bank for offering food and sanitary products
- ... and especially BASSMA’s Volunteers for their continuous participation and dedication!

BASSMA’s team thanks each and every one of you who contributed to draw smiles on BASSMA’s family members’ faces, children and elderly, fathers and mothers, during this very special period of the year!
Your generous donations and Christmas gifts have brighten the holidays of more than 300 persons!


These people are followed-up closely by BASSMA’s comity of professionals, all year long and at all levels (monthly packs of food and sanitary products, weekly cooked meals, access to medicines, free medical exams and hospitalization, dental services, Scholarships, books and Tutoring Program, House Renovations, Clothes, Family activities and outings, psychological and moral follow-up, etc.), through a personalized and weekly relationship.

Thank you for and may God bless you and your families,
Merry Christmas to all!!!


Here below is the list of the gifts that have been distributed this year, during BASSMA’s Christmas lunch:


Electric household machines
- 4 Hoovers
- 3 Televisions
- 1 Heater
- 1 Carrots squeezer


Electronic Games and Items
- 3 CDS games for the computer
- 3 MP4
- 2 Play Stations 
- 2 Nintendo
- 1 Game Boy
- 1 IPOD
- 1 Microphone
- 1 Discman
- 1 Silkepil
- 1 Curling Hair Iron
- 2 Chantal Goya’s CDS


- 25 Remote control cars, airplanes and trucks.
- 20 Dolls (including their beds, kitchen sets and houses)
- 8 Bikes
- 5 Puzzle boxes
- 2 tea sets for the dolls
- 2 Guitars
- 2 Pearls boxes
- 2 Blackboards and chalks
- 1 Football ball
- 1 Lego
- 1 Train
- 1 Scooter


House fixtures
- 3 Carpets
- 2 Bed sets and covers
- 2 Bed comforters
- 1 Sets of 2 cookwares


Babies’ needs
- 6 packages of Clothes for babies (3 months)
- 3 packages of Clothes for babies (1 year)
- 2 packages of Clothes for babies (1 year and a half)
- 1 Stroller
-  60 Milk Cans
-  60 Pediavit Plus
-  50 Diapers packages
-  40 Profinal
-  32 Physiomer boxes
-  20 Panadol


- 18 Shirts, T-shirts, pullovers, overalls and sports wears
- 3 Women tops and blazers
- 2 Women pants and skirts
- 11 Jeans pants (for boys and girls)
-  2 Ties
- 2 Jackets
- 3 Winter dresses
- 2 Scarves


- 22 Pairs of shoes (Ballerinas, boots and sneakers)
- 5 Slippers
- 1 Sebago boots


Accessories, Watches and others
- 6 Fashion jewelry Sets (necklaces, earrings and bracelets)
- 3 Watches for teenagers
- 1 Victoria’s Secret Perfume
- 1 Perfume for men


Cash Donations
- $280 dental needs
- $200 one-month rent
- $200 educational needs
- $133 one-month rent
- $100 one-month rent
- $100 one-month rent
- $100 medical needs
- $100 dental needs
- $100 everyday needs
- $100 everyday needs
- $50 medical needs


Click on the following links to view facebook photos:

Photo Album 1

Photo Album 2

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